Sunday, October 26, 2014

Doctor Appointment Review: 10/20/2014

Hey everyone! So I just had another doctor appointment but this time it was with a GYN doctor to discuss my periods.

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Purpose of the Appointment: My primary doctor referred me to see a GYN doctor because of my crazy periods.

What Happened: So I talked to the doctor about my periods and she decided to do a Von Willebrand Genetic Disorder blood test. It's a excessive bleeding disorder that is genetic. You can have excessive bleeding if you get cut and you can develop bruises easily but also women can have abnormal bleeding with their periods. She said it will take a while to get the test results back and if I have this I will have to get my daughter tested. She also switched my birth control method.... I was taking Depo Shots but then she switched it to Birth Control pills where I only take the white pills everyday to stop having periods. I go back in a month for a check up.

*When the test results come back I will do a blog post on it.*

CES <3

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