Friday, April 27, 2012

Doctor Appointment Review:4/27/2012

Today I had a Doctor Appointment to go over test results that I had done and they all were pretty normal. The Doctor gave me homework to sit outside everyday for at least 5 minutes because the sun has vitamin D in it and I lack Vitamin D.

The Doctor decided to re-check my Vitamin D levels to see if they went up from last time which I haven't got the results back yet. He also gave me a Vitamin B-12 shot.
Lately I been having Chronic leg and back pain so the doctor ordered me to have X-ray done on my Left Leg and my lower back. Hopefully they find something. The doctor said it might be my Muscles or I might have weak bones.

So just a little review on my doctor appointment today.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Monday, April 23, 2012

More Test Results coming....

Hey Everyone!
So I went to the doctor Friday and the doctor doesn't understand why my Vitamins are so low for my age and why I am having leg pains.
The doctor did a series of blood work from checking for different diseases to my count of my white and red blood cells and to my vitamin levels.
I hate waiting for test results to come in because I get very nervous and scared to know what it is.
I should know something by hopefully tomorrow or by Thursday.
I also have a doctor appointment this Friday because the doctor wanted to do some research to see what he thinks is going on with me. I have no clue what it could be though.

Updates will come as soon as I know something!

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Pain Journal

Hey Everyone!

My Doctor told me that I needed to start doing a Pain Journal which is basically just writing down how I feel everyday and what Symptoms of Pain do I have. It helps me keep track of how I feel on a Daily basics and it helps my Doctor understand my Pain more. I think for the People who deal with Chronic Pain all the time should do this Pain Journal.

So this is what I use to write and keep track of my daily pain. I think this works best for me but you can use a regular spiral notebook or a small notebook. Just find what works best for you!

So What I would do is on one side I would put the Date and the other I would put Rate which is for me to Rate my pain from 1-10.

On one Side I write all the Symptoms of Pain I am having through out the day for Example: Headache, Stomach hurts, Lower back hurts, and Fatigue. I will write those down for the day then next to them I will rate how much Pain I am in or how much it bothers me.

Now I was gonna show you pictures on how I did mine but my Camera is acting up.

I just hope this explained a little on what I do to keep up with my Pain. It's just a easy way for me to keep track and that way I can show my Doctor.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Did You Know:Stress is a good thing sometimes

So I was looking at books on Amazon that I can get for my Kindle that were free and I came across this book called "Stress Proof Your Life."

When I started reading this book today, I came across a Chapter that talked about how stress can be a good thing. Did You Know?

*Stress keeps you young=Your adrenal gland produces a hormone called DHEA. It stimulates a younger looking appearance.

*Stress makes you smart=DHEA makes your mind sharper.Chronic stress though makes you forget things.

*Stress lifts your mood=It forces you to make decisions and to take responsibility. Recent Study found that small doses of the stress hormone cortisol protect some people against depression.

*Stress improve your stress life=It is said that low levels of stress are linked to control of sex drive.

*Stress keeps you alive=People under regular pressure tend to take better control of their life.

So I hope you found this as interesting as I did. You should check this book out if you have stress and don't know how to find ways to improve it. Again its called "Stress Proof Your Life."

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Vitamins do I take?

I take 2 Vitamins that my Doctor had told me to take, just for the record I haven't really taken Vitamins until now. I know that's bad. Anyways I thought I would share what Vitamins I take.

First I wanna talk about the Vitamin that the Doctor had Prescribed me. The Doctors did some blood work and found out I have a Vitamin D deficiency. I was wondering why I was so sick all the time and why I wasn't getting better. The doctor told me that me having lack of Vitamin D caused me to feel sick all the time.

The Doctor had prescribed me Drisdol which is Vitamin D. I am suppose to take it once a week, which I take it every Monday. So far it has been working pretty good but I won't know for sure till I go back to the doctor so they can check my level of Vitamin D.

Next my Doctor told me to take a Daily Vitamin. So first I was taking One a Day Women Vitamins but I hate taking the Pills. The Pill is big and I just hated it. So I switched to taking One a Day VitaCraves a Adult Mulitvitamin gummies. You chew 2 gummies daily.

I love these Vitamins just because it's easier for me and more on the go when I am in a hurry.

CES <3

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What is Fibromyalgia?

Today I wanna talk about Fibromyalgia because the Doctors told me that I have this.
   Fibro is which a person has a long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness of your Joints and Muscles.


The Cause is unknown.

Fibro is most common in Women between the ages 20-50.


Pain can be Mild to Severe.

  • Painful areas of the Shoulders, Back, Chest, Hips, Shins, Elbows, and Knees.
  • Pain may feel like a deep ache or Shooting or Burning Pain.
  • People with Fibro tend to wake up being Stiff. Also might have trouble falling asleep because of pain.
  • Some people have Pain all day Long.
  • It can get Worse with Daily Activities.
  • Pain can also get worse with the Weather, Stress, Depression or Anxiety

When I went to the Doctor I told them I have Problems with my Knees and my Ankles. My Knees hurt all the time and when I walk they sometimes give out on me. My Ankles hurt all the time and they get Worse at night where I can't even fall asleep because of the pain. 
The Doctors did a Reflex Test on me and I barely had Reflex in my Legs.
The Doctor put me on medicine to help with the Nerve Damage that I have in my Legs.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Friday, March 30, 2012

Health Update for March 2012

Hey! Sorry I haven't posted on here a lot. On my other Blog CES101 you will see me post regularly. So this month has been crazy because at the beginning I was having not a lot of pain which is good. I had my Spring break this Month which I went to Hawaii and It was amazing. When I got back I started to have bad back pain, stomach hurting and headache's. I went to see my regular doctor this week and he told me I might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He just said he will have to check up on me every month and for me to start keeping a pain journal.
I had my Check up today for my Bladder. She just ask me how my medicine is treating me which the medicine has been easing the pain but the pain will never go away. It gets really worse during my periods and I had to tell the doctor that. She prescribed me some medicine that will help when i am on my period. Hopefully it works.
The doctor's also told me that I don't need to have any stress because it makes my health worse. I can admit I have been under a lot of stress lately. The doctors told me to start doing Yoga which I occasionally do but I really need to start doing more of it. I am hopefully taking Yoga in the fall at my College.

So just a Quick update on how my Health has been lately

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have Bronchitis

Hey Guys!
So I went to the Hospital the other day because I had a Fever and I couldn't stop coughing. It was only getting worse. The Doctor gave me a breathing treatment and had a xray done of my Chest.
The Doctor came and told me I have Bronchitis which I thought thats what I had because my Only symptom was that I was coughing really bad and my chest was hurting.

The Doctor prescribed me Antibiotics, Cough medicine and a Inhaler. I been on this for about 2 days now and the cough is not as bad as it was. Hopefully I won't be coughing that much on Spring Break.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have a Vitamin D Deficiency

Hey, Doctor called me today for my Test Results. Doctor said that I have a Vitamin D Deficiency because my Range was really low than it's suppose to be. He said thats why I haven't been getting rid of my Cold. He put me on a Vitamin D Supplement and that I have to take it for 8 weeks.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Thursday, March 1, 2012

So Out of It

Hey so today hasn't been my day. My doctor up my dose today on my medicine and I felt like I was gonna pass out at class. I was so out of it and when I was walking I felt like I didn't have no balance. The medicine is affecting me like crazy. Plus I only got like 2 or 3 hours of sleep last night. Not a good combo to have. Next week my doctor might up it more but we just have to see how this week goes and how it takes away my pain. I really hate to see how I will act at work because I have to work tomorrow.

So just a little post about how my day is going so far.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strength, Courage and Confidence

Hey! There is this Quote I wanted to share with you today because I really love this Quote.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anxiously Waiting on Results

Hey yesterday I went to the Doctor because Lately I been having pain in my ankle and my knee. When I got there the Doctor said I have High Blood Pressure and I have lost Weight. The Doctor did the reflex test on my knee's and saw that I have no reflex in my legs. The Doctor decided it was best to run some Blood Work on me, He tested me for Diabetes, My Vitamins, and to see if I have any Nerve Damage in my Legs. The Doctor said I won't know the results until next week so I am anxiously waiting on the results. My Doctor just Prescribed me Medicine to help with my Leg Pain and my High Blood Pressure. I hope next week I will find some answers out to what has been going on with me other than my Bladder pain.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Doesn't kill you makes you Stronger!

Hey! I love this song and I thought it was perfect to post on here.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Allergies got me down

Hey! Well lately I have been having the worse Allergies ever. Today I woke up eyes were watering, nose running, coughing really bad, and with a sore throat where I can barely talk. My Doctor told me that Allergy Season is October through March. Allergies are driving me crazy and its hard to breathe sometimes. My doctor gave me Zyrtec D to try out for two weeks then just use the regular Zyrtec. So far it's been working really good for me if I take it everyday. I am just really horrible at taking medicine I rather just deal with it and I know I shouldn't do that but I am stubborn I know. I just hope my Allergies go away before Spring Break but I will probably have crazy Allergies during Spring Break because I am going to Hawaii for a week and I am not sure how my allergies are gonna act. I am just gonna have to make sure I bring my medicine and actually take it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update on my Health: Feb. 2012

So my Bladder lately has been driving me crazy because I started my Period on the 11th and it's annoying because my Periods last up to a week. My periods are so horrible because of my IC and it causes cramps to be ten times worse where sometimes I can't even get out of bed and I would have to miss College and Work. Lately though I been having pains in my wrist, knees, and ankle. I made me a Doctor Appointment for next week to see what they think is going on. In my family there is a lot of us who have Fibro, so my Mom thinks I should get tested to see if thats what I have. I often don't get a lot of sleep because I can never get comfortable and because of my Legs wanting to hurt at night. Right now the only Medicine that I take is for my Bladder Disease but I haven't been taking it like I am suppose to, I know I should though and starting Monday I am gonna take it like I am suppose to. I have to take the Medicine 3 times a day which it annoys me.
I also ordered me my Medical Bracelet that has what Medical Conditions I have and I will need that because of Work and Plus for Spring Break I am going to Hawaii.

So Just a Short Update on How my Health has been for this Month.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Medical ID Bracelets

Hey everyone! So in about a month I am going to Hawaii for Spring Break and I thought I should buy me a Medical ID Bracelet so just in case something happens people will know what Health problems I have since I will be in a different state.
The Website I went to was:

This is what the Medical ID Bracelets look like but you can custom them in any way you would like. 

Information on mine:

First Name
Last Name
Health Condition 
Allergic to
Emergency Contacts

Just some basic information but you can put anything you would like on your Medical ID Bracelet. Mine should come in the week before I leave for Hawaii so thats good. 

Cost: $44.00

The Cost may vary depending on how you customize the Bracelet. Mine though was $44.00.

I think if you have a Health Condition or a very Serious Health Condition you should get one and most Important if you are going to a different state or country and need to be in hospital that way they will be able to look at this Bracelet and know what you have.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Monthly Women Torture

Hey! So It's that time of the Month where Mother Nature loves to torture me. Since I have something wrong with my Bladder my Periods are ten times worse. So always the first day is the worse for me because it feels like someone keeps sticking a knife in my Bladder, I couldn't even get out of bed yesterday. The pain was so bad that I couldn't even go to work because it hurted to much for me to get out of bed. Sometimes I really wish I was a guy so I wouldn't have to deal with this torture every month. I tried putting pillows under my feet, rubbing my stomach, turning over to find ways to get comfortable but I just couldn't. The thing is my Period last for a whole week and it's very annoying. They are so screwed up as it is because some months I don't have a period then sometimes I start twice in a month. Yesterday I took a Bath and had put Epsom Salt in my bath water to try and relax but it was very hard when my Bladder didn't wanna relax at all. I laid in bed almost all day crying because of the Pain. It's just torture. I really need to find ways to relax when this time comes around. Today though has been a lot better I am still having cramps but not as bad as it was yesterday. I was also able to work today and make it so that was good. My mom been a huge help with helping me feel better, she is like my nurse when she knows I am in pain. I am glad to have someone like her around because when I am in pain I don't like being in alone.

So any suggestions on how to make the pain not so worse during the Monthly Women Torture as I call it.

CES <3

Friday, February 10, 2012

Stay Strong Friday 2/10

Hey Everyone Today I am gonna show ya'll a few quotes that will help you Stay Strong if your in any pain. Remember your not Alone, We are all here for you.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is IC?

Hey! So this is my very first post for my new Blog called Dealing with IC. So what is IC? Well it has to deal with my Bladder, The Disease is called Interstitial Cystitis. I just call it IC for a shorter name. Anyways IC is when your innner lining of your bladder wall is always inflamed or damaged.
This picture shows a Normal bladder to a bladder with IC to show you the difference. Over 750,000 Americans have IC, and so far there is not a exact cure for this Disease. This Disease is very hard to find by Doctors and the doctors are not sure what causes people to have IC. IC causes you to go to the bathroom twice as more than with a regular normal bladder, sometimes its very hard to deal with. Most people after going to bathroom have the urgency to go again and it's difficult to deal with in a busy day for people. Some people with IC have their good days and then when pain hits they can have pain for days even weeks. When I have pain my Doctor calls  them "Pain Episodes" because of how long they can last. When I have pain I get really weak like I am going to pass out. With IC you have to watch what you eat because certain food or drinks causes the bladder to become irritated. My Doctor had put me on a diet and showed me what food and drinks are bad for you. I can't have any caffeine or chocolate because I get really sick.

I was Diagnose with IC in 2010 so it's been 1 year and in October of this Year will be 2 years.

So this is just a Overview of what IC is and what my Blog will be about. I will do post about how my day is with IC, Quotes, Pictures, just certain things I do to keep me having the worse pain. 

Stay Strong,
CES <3