Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Doctor Appointment Review: 10/14/2014

Hey everyone so I know I am not as active on this blog as I am on my personal life blog but I will be posting more on here when I can because I did start this when I found out I had a bladder disease which I had now for about 4 years now. Nothing really has change in those 4 years because I am still looking for health insurance so I can go see a Urologist and get proper treatment. Anyways I just had a doctor appointment and I thought I would share how it went.

Weight: I weigh 96 pounds now so I did gain about 2-4 pounds. I always had trouble with my weight because I can never gain much weight it's kinda like a roller coaster because I would gain some weight then it will drop sometimes dramatically. I am thinking it has do with my anxiety because sometimes I don't eat well as I should. I would like to weigh at least 105 pounds. My BMI right now is about 20.

Purpose of the appointment: This may be TMI but I went because I am having problems with my periods. My periods are not normal because they would last about 2 weeks or even go for a month or longer. I kinda just had enough of it. Plus I had to get a Depo Shot because that's what I use for birth control right now until they figure out what's wrong with my periods.

What Happened: So of course I got a new doctor which I hate because at this clinic you get a new doctor all the time. Anyways so I told the doctor what has been going on and he basically said there's nothing he can really do because my last doctor run all the test and they came back all normal. The last doctor ran a blood test, pap smear, and a pelvic ultrasound. The results were normal. So all the doctor could do was do a blood test to make sure I did't loose any vitamins or anything since I been on my period for so long. No results yet on that. Next he referred me to see a GYN Doctor to see if she can tell me what's wrong with my periods...... The GYN Doctor is the same doctor who diagnosed me with a bladder disease. I see the GYN Doctor this Monday October 20th and hopefully I get some answers. The last thing he did was give me a flu shot. So right now they are just calling my periods a Dsyfunctional Uterine Bleeding till I get a proper diagnoses.

Thoughts: It's really fustrating not knowing what's going on and not having health insurance.... I am just trying to stay positive and not stress so much. Hopefully I get some answers when I go to my next appointment.

*I will do another doctor appointment review when I go see the GYN. If you don't know I am currently diagnosed with IC and Anxiety Disorder.*

CES <3

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