Saturday, August 23, 2014

Anxiety Disorder: What Helps Me Relieve Stress 2014

Hey everyone! So not to long ago I got diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am going to share with ya'll what helps me relieve some stress. My stress levels haven't been so bad lately because I been trying to find things that help me stay calm. Even little things or things you wouldn't think of could help relieve your stress.

What Helps Me Relieve My Anxiety/Stress?

1. Going on walks with Chloe- Usually on the days that I have Chloe I will take her on a walk around the neighborhood in her stroller. We live in the country so it's nice and peaceful not a lot of noise except for when cars drive by. On walks we usually either see cows or horses. It helps me get some exercise and helps me think.

2. Yoga- Yoga is a major thing that helps relieve stress and is good for IC. It helps me relax and helps with the muscles in my body to relax and not be so tense all the time.

3. Reading- When I read books I feel like I am in that story which helps distract me from all my stress. It's relaxing to lay in bed and just read. Right now I am currently reading The Maze Runner book #1.

4. Watching YouTube- When I watch my favorite vloggers on YouTube it helps distract me from my stress.

5. Working on my Blog- When I work on my blog I feel like I am staying busy and it helps with my stress. I actually started blogging to help channel my stress in good way. I feel like blogging is kinda like my diary.

6. Playing with Chloe- Chloe helps me so much just because she makes me smile and laugh. She can keep me busy so I don't stress over everything.

What helps you relieve stress???

CES <3

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