Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Health Update: Overall Health, Pain Journal, Health Binder, and No Health Insurance

Hey everyone so I haven't posted since July 4th so I decided to do a health update. I am going to be talking about a few things such as my overall health, my pain journal, health binder and having no health insurance.

My Overall Health:

I been okay lately except that I am always tired because of my insomnia and with my daughter waking me up at night. My bladder still hurts and I even have pain after urinating, it is not a bladder infection because I got tested it's just something that my bladder does to me. My lower back hurts a lot as well and I been having migraines again. I have some really bad acid reflux lately as well and I been chewing gum and that seems to help a little. My periods are still crazy my last period lasted about 2 weeks which I hate, I still do the Depo Birth Control Shots. I don't take any medicine right now except for maybe Advil or Motrin when I need it. I been doing research on what vitamins help with IC which I will do a blog post on that very soon. I don't want to take any vitamins right now till I figure out what vitamins I really need to take which I know I need a probiotic because I been having stomach issues lately.

Pain Journal:

If you don't keep a pain journal you really should because doctors recommend it to keep track of your pain that way they know how you exactly feel and how they need to treat you. What I write in my pain journal is basically how many times I urinate, pains, exercise and if I take any medicine/vitamins. Doctors also recommend to keep a food diary to keep track of all the foods that irritate your bladder.

Health Binder:

I recently started keeping a health binder which I put all my medical records and anything that has to do with my health in the binder. I also do a lot of research all the time about IC so any information I find I also put that into the binder.

Health Insurance Issues:

So I told ya'll in my last update that I applied for the Medicaid Disability which I just found out I got denied for it. I am very annoyed that I can't get health insurance. American Disability Act and Social Security recognizes IC as a disability but I keep getting denied. Right now I am trying to find all my medical records then I am going to go downtown to see if someone can help me.

I won't give up on trying to find health insurance so I can go see a Urologist and get the right treatment.

*This is my health update for right now. If you have any ideas or tips on getting health insurance please let me know below*

CES <3

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