Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anxiously Waiting on Results

Hey yesterday I went to the Doctor because Lately I been having pain in my ankle and my knee. When I got there the Doctor said I have High Blood Pressure and I have lost Weight. The Doctor did the reflex test on my knee's and saw that I have no reflex in my legs. The Doctor decided it was best to run some Blood Work on me, He tested me for Diabetes, My Vitamins, and to see if I have any Nerve Damage in my Legs. The Doctor said I won't know the results until next week so I am anxiously waiting on the results. My Doctor just Prescribed me Medicine to help with my Leg Pain and my High Blood Pressure. I hope next week I will find some answers out to what has been going on with me other than my Bladder pain.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

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