Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update on my Health: Feb. 2012

So my Bladder lately has been driving me crazy because I started my Period on the 11th and it's annoying because my Periods last up to a week. My periods are so horrible because of my IC and it causes cramps to be ten times worse where sometimes I can't even get out of bed and I would have to miss College and Work. Lately though I been having pains in my wrist, knees, and ankle. I made me a Doctor Appointment for next week to see what they think is going on. In my family there is a lot of us who have Fibro, so my Mom thinks I should get tested to see if thats what I have. I often don't get a lot of sleep because I can never get comfortable and because of my Legs wanting to hurt at night. Right now the only Medicine that I take is for my Bladder Disease but I haven't been taking it like I am suppose to, I know I should though and starting Monday I am gonna take it like I am suppose to. I have to take the Medicine 3 times a day which it annoys me.
I also ordered me my Medical Bracelet that has what Medical Conditions I have and I will need that because of Work and Plus for Spring Break I am going to Hawaii.

So Just a Short Update on How my Health has been for this Month.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

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