Monday, February 13, 2012

Medical ID Bracelets

Hey everyone! So in about a month I am going to Hawaii for Spring Break and I thought I should buy me a Medical ID Bracelet so just in case something happens people will know what Health problems I have since I will be in a different state.
The Website I went to was:

This is what the Medical ID Bracelets look like but you can custom them in any way you would like. 

Information on mine:

First Name
Last Name
Health Condition 
Allergic to
Emergency Contacts

Just some basic information but you can put anything you would like on your Medical ID Bracelet. Mine should come in the week before I leave for Hawaii so thats good. 

Cost: $44.00

The Cost may vary depending on how you customize the Bracelet. Mine though was $44.00.

I think if you have a Health Condition or a very Serious Health Condition you should get one and most Important if you are going to a different state or country and need to be in hospital that way they will be able to look at this Bracelet and know what you have.

Stay Strong,
CES <3

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